HP Latex 335 Print and Cut Solution

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• Indoor quality: 13 m²/hr (140 ft²/hr)

• Print speed up to 538 ft²/hr

• Cut speed up to 113 cm/sec (44"/sec) diagonally

• Up to 1.63 m (64-in) width

• Print resolution up to 1200 dpi

• HP Signage Suite + HP FlexiPRINT & CUT RIP

Print Compatibility

HP Latex 335 Print and Cut Solution

Print above and beyond customer expectations with the HP Latex 335 Print and Cut Solution. Broaden print capabilities by exploring wider applications with this HP printer and cutter bundle. The HP Latex 335 printer can print on traditional and non-traditional substrates up to 64" wide and produces exceptional color consistency with its 6 print heads. This dual-device solution comes with HP Signage Suite, as well as HP FlexiPRINT and CUT RIP, for an integrated workflow and effortless management. 

HP Signage Suite allows essentially any user to harness their creativity in three simple steps and HP FlexiPRINT and CUT RIP allow users to print and cut in just five. Accomplish indoor applications that solvent-based systems can't with this easy-to-use printer and cutter bundle by utilizing odorless latex inks and high-efficiency curing. The HP Latex 335 printer and HP Latex 64" cutter are designed to work together, printing and cutting concurrently, to optimize space and time. The HP Latex 64" cutter provides unattended cutting capabilities while the HP Latex 335 printer continues its queue with no interruption, doubling production speed. The HP Latex 335 print and cut bundle is the answer to a true print AND cut dual-device solution!

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